Retail BI Dashboard

Designed to improve strategic, tactical and operational decision making based on solid, accurate, relevant and current data. Cybex Retail Business Intelligence improves organization effectiveness and drives business forward.


Cybex BI solution enables you to cost effectively run your stores and maximize customer engagement.
User-friendly configuration tools help you quickly adjust a wide range of retail variables and options to customize Cybex BI to your particular requirements.

Cloud First Design

There has been a big shift in attitudes toward cloud technology. Cybex BI can be deployed on the cloud, or on premise - hybrid implementation.

Rich Analysis Capabilities

Segregate, summarize and compare data to identify trends, understand variables, create possible scenarios, and forecast outcomes.

Closely Monitor Business

Monitor critical business metrics and track performance across the organization while comparing it to future goals and prior periods.

Improve Resource Utilization

Optimize merchandise, retail and labor resources taking into consideration operating constraints. Improve resource planning, and increase productivity and decrease costs.

Reduce Inventory

Efficient product flow helps cut down on excess inventory.

Provides User Insights

Provides detailed insight into daily operations and business trends. Allows the user to examine data from multiple perspectives.

Why Cybex BI Dashboard?

Cybex BI allows you to access the exact data you need and transform that information into reports that
enable you to make the correct business decisions and take direct action.

Customized Templates and Lists

Users can easily and quickly build their own reports and lists by utilizing easy to use design tools.

Operations Management

Provides management with insight into distribution trends, costs, and performance.

Labor Management

Powerful reporting and support tools assist employees and managers to make insightful informed decisions from the information presented.

Distribution and Resource Planning

Improves resource planning, increases productivity and decreases costs.

Style Maintenance

Provide the ability to manage slotting of items to ensure proper allocation and merchandise balancing.

KPI Analysis Tools

Provides insights into distribution trends, costs and performance.


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