Retail Business Intelligence

Powerful, fast, efficent and customizable.


Combines data from Merchandising, Merchandise Assortment Plan, Sales Audit, Operations and CRM into one enterprise-level view to meet you inventory, store and customer needs.

KPI Analysis Tools

Increase sales and operating margins with early identification of trends.

Advanced Reporting

Powerful reporting tools assist managers in making insightful and informed decisions.

Data Design

Show virtually any combination of information you choose by manipulating the grids and layout.

Customized Templates and Lists

Quickly build reports and lists with easy to use design tools. Multiple layout modification and customization options.

Inventory Management

Postpone the need for markdowns and protect margins.

Group, Filter, Sort

Rearrange your data to be displayed however you want to see the exact information you are looking for.

Why Cybex BI?

Cybex Retail BI Data Warehouse allows you to access the exact data you need and transform that information into reports that enable you to make the correct business decisions and take direct action.

BI Explorer

Provides insight into daily operations, distribution trends, costs and performance. Improves resource planning, increases productivity and decreases costs.

BI Query List

Rich analysis capabilities. Segregate, summarize and compare data to identify trends.

BI Analysis Cube

Monitor critical business metrics and track performance across the organization.

Data Warehouse

Reduce stock outs, store to store transfers and overstock. Improve inventory productivity by reducing carrying costs.

Reporting Framework

Converts difficult information into summarized and visual reports.

Grids and Charts

Manipulate the grids and charts including the order in which data is displayed and group, as well as which information is displayed.


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Retail BI


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