Retail WMS

Cybex Retail Warehouse Management provides the functional flexibility, and timely accurate information you need for consistently managing and improving distribution operations.


The objective for Cybex Logistics Management system is to maximize turnover and in-stock positions while minimizing inventory levels and operational costs. This is achieved by enhancing the decision process with timely actionable information and flexible execution systems necessary for adapting to changing retail market conditions.

Operations Management

Provides management with insight into distribution trends, costs, and performance.

Labor Management

Puts timely information into the hands of warehouse operators, with powerful labor reporting that combines user defined labor specifications and standards for all warehouse activities.

Distribution and Resource Planning

Better resource planning, along with increased productivity, decreases labor costs.

Improved Space Utilization

Optimizing physical space usage reduces distribution center operating constraints.

Reduced Inventory

Efficient product flow helps cut down on excess inventory levels.

Value-added services

Provides user defined, value-added service functionality, including the automatic routing of service merchandise, paperless tracking of activity and costs, and definition of radio-frequency task queue for visibility and management.

Why Cybex WMS?

Cybex Retail Warehouse Management system provides all the tools necessary for efficiently
managing and controlling stock allocation, automated replenishment, inventory consolidation and distribution centres.

Advanced Shipment Notification

Provides the ability to receive advance shipment notification to ensure accuracy and improve receiving efficiencies.

Receiving and Pre-distribution with Inbound Processing

Supports the ability to receive inbound receipt information with allocation information to improve merchandise movement.

Mobile Wireless Applications

Manage merchandise in the distribution center via module-containing system and radio-frequency screens.

Wireless hand-held Barcode Scanners

Enhances communications with inventory control office and provides real-time connectivity for maximum efficiency and DC activity monitoring.

Style Maintenance and Profiling

Provides the ability to manage slotting of items to ensure proper placement and pick utilization.

Receiving and Stocking Units, Lot Size and Pre-Packs

Enhances efficient warehouse package handling and stock consolidation by merchandise group.


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